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Complete Perimeter Security

The best form of security ensures safety against criminal activity; one that meets both situation and customer requirements. A perimeter security system designed for an office block may not need to be as complex as a system designed to protect a hyper-scale data center. However, in order to be effective and offer true protection, they both must employ a layered, active approach to security.


Traditional burglar alarms and ineffective external security offer criminals massive opportunity for trespass; they do little to deter an attack; and they create a false sense of confidence with unsuspecting customers. In certain circumstances, these traditional methods are very affordable and are certainly better than no security at all.

However, correctly installed perimeter security has many benefits, including but not limited to, increased safety, a more effective deterrent, reduced risk of trespass and heightened peace of mind. One of the most important attributes to effective perimeter security is the significantly reduced attack and response time.

If an active perimeter security installation alerts property managers, owners and first responders about a security breach at the perimeter fence line, then the likelihood of any further and significant damage, loss or theft occurring is almost nil. Request cut sheets and additional information on any of our perimeter security products shown below.

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