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Our 4 Step Process

We start every potential partnership by understanding the specific requirements and desires for the project. We then perform a field survey, which takes into consideration all outcomes of project design, topography, city requirements, access and functionality. 

We will outline the findings of our site survey and if the desired outcomes meet approved site requirements, we will let you know what we propose and the investment to advance the project to our projects team. York provides every client with a customized AutoCAD drawings and layout plan for their anticipated installation.

Your project will be assigned to one of our highly experienced Project Managers who is acutely aware of site considerations, and project planning for minimal site disruption and excellent ongoing communication.

Our implementation team generates drawings for approval and begins expertly crafting your customized plan for your project. The technical team begins the process of programming and installing any integrated on-site technologies. This allows  efficient execution of your installation with minimal down-time and on-site presence.

Engineers and Businesspeople


YORK is committed to providing our customers with industry leading service. Our Design and Installation Team has experience with projects of all scale throughout Canada and the United States. We have the experience necessary to solve any problem with a cost effective solution. We provide both installation, and service options for commercial and residential applications. With the proper implementation, and dependable service, our products will stand the test of time and operate with full integrity. As we continue to grow, we strive to be the earliest provider in the GTA to release new technologies, materials and methodologies, advancing to be the most forward-thinking provider of perimeter security installations.

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The YORK Promise


Professionalism and experience are at the core of our offering. We have experienced the widest gamut of gate requirements of any gate company in Southern Ontario.


Our level of experience allows us to look critically at any project, ask the right questions and ensure all issues are addressed.


We create projects to be proud of. Meeting the ever-changing building codes and community requirements necessary to insure your project’s success.

A  Lasting Journey


We will provide you with a lasting product. With proper implementation, quality components, and a great service plan, your investment will last a lifetime.


We work with industry leading manufacturers who put quality first. YORK has partnered with a number of local vendors and contractors, ensuring you will receive top notch quality, dependability and workmanship.


The YORK Service Team puts you first. With reliable maintenance, we  ensure your site will have limited down time for the entire duration of its life.

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