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Planning for an access control system can be challenging, but effective planning begins with asking important questions to identify specific needs. Our team provides the highest quality, cost-effective solution to meet your access control goals.

Visitor Management

Cloud management systems allow for simple permit & visitor management


Entry credentials can be a physical token such as a card for fob. We can also provide mobile credentials and virtual permits


Vehicle Access Control 

Destroyed upon removal vehicle tags to standard remote transmitters

RF transmitters, ODB connectors, and License Plate Recognition


Door strikes, Barrier arm operators, wrought iron gates, and crash barriers


Pedestrian Access Control 

Door strikes, maglocks, counters, and safety sensors

Standard RFID to Biometrics

Entry, or Entry and Exit Access Control

Entry and Exit Access Control Systems that provide specific reporting

Alerts for personnel remaining onsite after hours

Anti-pass back system requirements for more secure entry

Cloud based management systems and easy integrate APIs


Don't settle for an off the shelf solution. Our teams we will be pleased to work with your team to meet your access control requirements with a personalized system.

YORK Access Control Systems

At the end of the day, the goal is simple: reliability, safety and security.

YORK Co-Founder, Reilly Jackson

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